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I'm in my first semester of my senior year in high school, doing both marathon training and cross country while trying to lose 20-30lbs before December rolls around, and making my abs viable. I'll be posting updates on my marathon training and weight loss almost daily!


hello loves! the time has come for me to make my announcement! i hope you are not all hyped out by now.

so you see…i was cleaning out my bag from mlg anaheim and i found this nondescript black mouse pad…

well, nondescript except for the MASSIVE PROGAMER SIGNATURES scrawled across it!

i said…

Meh today was kind of slow

Went out to eat the entire time, but made up with it by running 14 miles. Which is a lot of calories burned. 

No weight measurement today. 

Didn’t do so well today

Ran 10 miles for training at 5mph which is a little over 1000 calories burned but then I ate a large serving of pasta. 

Down: .25 lbs

To Go: 19.75

Marathon date : October 30th.

Weight Goal

Goal this semester is to loose 20-30 pounds.

I’ll be tracking it the entire way and posting thinspo as I go. 

Here is my tummy as of today from the front

And from the side

This need to be gone.

I’ll also be posting diet tips and progress pics. Oh and Marathon training stuff.

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